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Dance in the Vampire Bund

Dance in the Vampire Bund~Anime

“This is the story of a promise... …”

 Akira Kaburagi is your typical anime guy: lots of friends, a girl who obviously likes him, and he has amnesia (hey, I said typical anime guy). To top things off, vampires actually exist, and Akira apparently promised their ruler/Princess (Mina Tepes) that he would always be by her side. If I didn’t lose you yet; as Akira slowly starts to remember his past and identity, he realizes he’s far from ordinary. With his newly-found (er… remembered?) powers, Akira assists Princess Mina in setting up a vampire bund- a haven located in Japan for vampires to live in peace- and helping to keep peace and order among the vampires, humans, and other “creatures.” However, not all like the idea of vampires living alongside humans. Akira must assist in protecting Princess Mina while she sets up the Vampire Bund.

Rated: MA

My Rating: 3.5/5

 Before we start, I just want to say that I honestly did not know that Dance in the Vampire Bund was rated MA until I reached the ninth episode or so (I was using Netflix on my phone and I was like “Oh… Shiz…..) The only reason Dance in the Vampire Bund earned its MA rating was because of the partial nudity, implications, and “pedophilia.” There isn’t much violence, most of the language is clean (cough cough… just the usual vocabulary you’ll hear walking down the hall at school), and all of the blood/wounds look fake.

When I first turned on Dance in the Vampire Bund I was extremely confused. It made no sense whatsoever. The graphics looked rather bad, the voice acting brought tears to my eyes, and I wasn’t sure if there was a storyline at all. However, I couldn’t reach the remote because of my sprained ankle so I decided to just watch it. The last five minutes of the first episode was… interesting… … (Truth be told, I was drawn into the anime because of the opening and ending theme. The beginnings of the songs are extremely catchy.) So I decided to continue watching it. The storyline is actually pretty impressive and amazing, but it wasn’t conveyed correctly. The episodes were a bit choppy and short, and I felt like they tried to shove an hour’s worth of information into a 24 minute episode. Most of the character developments happened pretty naturally, but some went by in a blur. For example, I would not become best friends with someone who stole my boyfriend from me.

Maybe I was too young to understand the storyline; maybe I was too tired to understand the storyline, but the only flaw Dance in the Vampire Bund had was the choppiness. Overall, if you want to witness actual vampires with a peaceful intent instead of the sparking veggie vampires provided for us by Twi-Crap, this anime is for you!


Akira Kaburagi- Seventeen year old Akira is your average high school guy who’s kind to others (without being a pushover). Akira suffered from amnesia a year ago and cannot recall his memories. His past is revealed at the end of episode two.
Voice Actors: Yuichi Nakamura, Eric Vale


Mina Tepes- The vampires’ Princess, Mina appears as a young girl with extremely long, blonde pigtails. She tends to act cocky and cruel to others, but she is actually a very kind, sweet, and lonely “child.” The truth behind her appearance is revealed in the final episodes.
Voice Actors: Aoi Yuki, Moncia Rial

Yuki Saegusa- Also known as a member of the student council, Yuki cares for Akira. She has a very shy persona, but she is not afraid to accept “people” for who they are. Yuki is also the narrator of the story.
Voice Actors: Chiwa Saito, Alexis Tipton


Nanami Shinonome- Seventeen (or eighteen) year old Nanami is the chairman of the student council. She is stern and does not support the idea of vampires attending their school.
Voice Actors: Shizuka Ito, Kara Edwards


Opening: “”Friends” by Aiko Nakano
Endings: “Tsumeato” by Hibiku

I hope you have much fun watching Dance in the Vampire Bund! Well, I’m off to study for SATs TT.TT XD ELECOPTER AWAY!!! ~Lynn <3

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