Monday, October 1, 2012

Lynn's New Blog

Hey guys! It's Lynn here :D
Seeing as how this is a collab blog I feel guilty for posting my crap here. So I recreated my old blog. Feel free to check it out here
I'm going to repost my reviews there because it feels like such a waste after my hours of hard work >.<
~Lynn <3
(BTW, Zeles is my nickname)

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Rin Kagamine Paper Craft

Okay! One more quick post for today XD (I was "persuaded" to post this XD)
So for my Advanced English project we needed to make a poster that represents us. I had no idea what to do, so my original plan was a generic poster that most high schoolers make. However, my friend told me to base my poster off my Rin cosplay so I went home and made the base. Then I added some pictures, added a ribbon, and voila. So I present to you, Lynn Kagamine's English Poster!
Yeah... it looks a bit messy because I blurred all of my pictures out XD
Well Ta-ta for now :D ~Lynn <3

Dance in the Vampire Bund

Dance in the Vampire Bund~Anime

“This is the story of a promise... …”

 Akira Kaburagi is your typical anime guy: lots of friends, a girl who obviously likes him, and he has amnesia (hey, I said typical anime guy). To top things off, vampires actually exist, and Akira apparently promised their ruler/Princess (Mina Tepes) that he would always be by her side. If I didn’t lose you yet; as Akira slowly starts to remember his past and identity, he realizes he’s far from ordinary. With his newly-found (er… remembered?) powers, Akira assists Princess Mina in setting up a vampire bund- a haven located in Japan for vampires to live in peace- and helping to keep peace and order among the vampires, humans, and other “creatures.” However, not all like the idea of vampires living alongside humans. Akira must assist in protecting Princess Mina while she sets up the Vampire Bund.

Rated: MA

My Rating: 3.5/5

 Before we start, I just want to say that I honestly did not know that Dance in the Vampire Bund was rated MA until I reached the ninth episode or so (I was using Netflix on my phone and I was like “Oh… Shiz…..) The only reason Dance in the Vampire Bund earned its MA rating was because of the partial nudity, implications, and “pedophilia.” There isn’t much violence, most of the language is clean (cough cough… just the usual vocabulary you’ll hear walking down the hall at school), and all of the blood/wounds look fake.

When I first turned on Dance in the Vampire Bund I was extremely confused. It made no sense whatsoever. The graphics looked rather bad, the voice acting brought tears to my eyes, and I wasn’t sure if there was a storyline at all. However, I couldn’t reach the remote because of my sprained ankle so I decided to just watch it. The last five minutes of the first episode was… interesting… … (Truth be told, I was drawn into the anime because of the opening and ending theme. The beginnings of the songs are extremely catchy.) So I decided to continue watching it. The storyline is actually pretty impressive and amazing, but it wasn’t conveyed correctly. The episodes were a bit choppy and short, and I felt like they tried to shove an hour’s worth of information into a 24 minute episode. Most of the character developments happened pretty naturally, but some went by in a blur. For example, I would not become best friends with someone who stole my boyfriend from me.

Maybe I was too young to understand the storyline; maybe I was too tired to understand the storyline, but the only flaw Dance in the Vampire Bund had was the choppiness. Overall, if you want to witness actual vampires with a peaceful intent instead of the sparking veggie vampires provided for us by Twi-Crap, this anime is for you!


Akira Kaburagi- Seventeen year old Akira is your average high school guy who’s kind to others (without being a pushover). Akira suffered from amnesia a year ago and cannot recall his memories. His past is revealed at the end of episode two.
Voice Actors: Yuichi Nakamura, Eric Vale


Mina Tepes- The vampires’ Princess, Mina appears as a young girl with extremely long, blonde pigtails. She tends to act cocky and cruel to others, but she is actually a very kind, sweet, and lonely “child.” The truth behind her appearance is revealed in the final episodes.
Voice Actors: Aoi Yuki, Moncia Rial

Yuki Saegusa- Also known as a member of the student council, Yuki cares for Akira. She has a very shy persona, but she is not afraid to accept “people” for who they are. Yuki is also the narrator of the story.
Voice Actors: Chiwa Saito, Alexis Tipton


Nanami Shinonome- Seventeen (or eighteen) year old Nanami is the chairman of the student council. She is stern and does not support the idea of vampires attending their school.
Voice Actors: Shizuka Ito, Kara Edwards


Opening: “”Friends” by Aiko Nakano
Endings: “Tsumeato” by Hibiku

I hope you have much fun watching Dance in the Vampire Bund! Well, I’m off to study for SATs TT.TT XD ELECOPTER AWAY!!! ~Lynn <3

*If you have any questions or have an animanga you want us to review please comment :D

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Black Butler Season One

Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) Season 1~Anime

 “I am simply one hell of a butler.”

Set in the Victorian Era, Ciel Phantomhive seeks revenge after his family’s murder. Twelve year old Ciel strikes a deal with a demon, Sebastian: Sebastian will serve Ciel and assist him to avenge his parents’ deaths. Afterwards, Sebastian can feast on the young master’s soul. Now with his demon butler by his side, twelve year old prodigy Ciel searches for the ones who murdered his family while fulfilling his duty as the Earl of Phantomhive, and as Queen Victoria’s personal watch dog.

Rated: TV-14

My Rating: 4.5/5

To be honest, Black Butler was extremely confusing at first. (It didn’t help that I was trying to finish my homework while watching it either…Yay….Procrastination) However, as I continued watching it, it began to make sense. The storyline is very intricate and it questions your beliefs. Would you trade your soul in order to avenge your loved ones’ deaths?

This anime cleverly mixes mystery, action, and a hint of comedy together. One moment you will be staring in awe as Sebastian fulfills his duty as the butler (He’s like a Japanese Alfred! XD), then you will be crying a river of tears as the storyline progresses. After, you might be laughing like a maniac while the people around you stare and move away from you.

Unlike most animes, the ending did not fail to meet the expectations of the viewer. However, I feel that the creators shoved too much new information in the final episodes. You had to really pay attention to fully understand what was happening. Still, at the end of season one, all of your answers would have been answered.

In my personal opinion, Black Butler cleverly allowed the viewers to take “breathers” after a serious scene/episode by adding an omake-like scene/episode that made the viewers get rid of the tension (and laugh their guts out).

In addition to the awesome storyline and characters, the voice actors were fabulous! The accents were perfect and the characters sounded their age! (Sadly, some animes fail to do that -.-,)

All in all, Black Butler was an amazing anime that I recommend to all. This anime will have you falling in love with the characters before the first intermission.


Ciel Phantomhive- The twelve year old head of the Phantomhive family, Ciel is an extremely prideful and somewhat arrogant character. However, he is a prodigy who always seems to think one step ahead.

Voice Actors: Maaya Sakamoto, Brina Palencia

Sebastian Michaelis- The demon who stroke a deal with Ciel, Sebastian takes the appearance of a tall mall human. He tends to be sarcastic, sadistic, and malicious at times. He is a very loyal butler, and responds to all of Ciel’s commands.

Voice Actos: Daisuke Ono, John Michael Tatum

Finnian (Finny)- The gardener of the Phantomhive estate, Finny has superhuman strength and will do anything to please Ciel and Sebastian. He tends to have a child-like (LOLI-SHOTA!) personality. His back story is revealed in the final episodes~

Vocie Actors: Yuuki Kaji, Jason Liebrecht

Baldroy (Bard)- The chef of the Phantomhive Estate, Bard tends to cook with flamethrowers and blowtorches (ergo, his cooking his …. questionable -.-,) However, he holds love for cooking! …and warfare…. He holds great respect for Ciel and Sebastian. His back story is revealed in the final episodes~

Voice Actors: Hiroki Touchi, Ian Sinclair

Mey Rin- The maid of the Phantomhive Estate, Mey Rin is extremely clumsy. She has amazing vision, but she impairs them with broken eyeglasses (she doesn’t want to part with them because they were a gift from Ciel). She is always in a cheerful attitude, and it is implied that she has a crush on Sebastian throughout the anime. Mey Rin holds great respect and loyalty for Sebastian and Ciel. Her back story is revealed in the final episodes~

Vocie Actors: Emiri Katou, Monica Rial

Opening: “Monochrome Kiss” by SID

Endings: “I’m Alive!” by Rebecca Hollcraft
               “Lacrimosa” by Kalafina

I hope you have much fun watching Black Butler! Well, I’m off to cry over how tight my tennis team uniform is TT.TT XD ELECOPTER AWAY!!! ~Lynn

*If you have any questions or have an animanga you want us to review please comment :D

Friday, July 27, 2012

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika (AKA Puella Magi Madoka Magica) Review

"Don't forget. Always, somewhere, someone is fighting for you. As long as you remember them, you are not alone."
I forget who said this (most likely Mami) ...but it's an awesome quote, no?  (^o^) It doesn't necessarily fit with the entire mood of this anime, since it has a dark side hiding inside its cute, harmless magical girl exterior. However, that really brought out the characters' true personalities, making it quite interesting.
All right, I know that not everyone has watched this, so for those of you who haven't, I'll provide a little teaser.
Two girls, Sayaka Miki and Kaname Madoka, are approached by an adorable magical creature named Kyubey, who offers to grant their wish if they will become magical girls in order to fight witches. An ominous transfer student warns them not to accept his offer, even though Kyubey promises that Madoka will be the strongest magical girl ever. Madoka watches her friends suffer as she wonders if killing witches is worth throwing away your life, despite the wish you are granted.
Hope I made it sound as awesome as it is! Everything about this anime is fantastic! The music, the art, and especially the story line. The underlying darkness of this seemingly cute anime really brings out each character, pushing them to their limits and proving who they really are.
I can come up with only one downside to this anime: it's too short! I give the makers credit for being able to fit everything into 12 episodes, but I would be soooooooo happy if it would have been longer- more anime to enjoy! But maybe if it had been extended, things would be different...I'll never know....
If you are sensitive and cry easily, then I suggest watching this anime with a box of tissues nearby, as it's really sad. (I didn't cry, I'm not a sensitive person, but some of you may be.) Another random comment is that I took a "Which character are you?" quiz from this anime and got...Kyoko Sakura! Which character are you most like?
I wish you many happy hours of anime! -Ren

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Anime Expo 2012

Anime Expo 2012

Otakus from all over America were excited as July slowly approached. Finally, on Friday June 29, 2012, the long awaited Anime Expo kicked off to a start at the Los Angeles Convention Center!
Now in its 21st year, Anime Expo is the largest Anime Convention in all of North America. It showcases anime, manga, videogames, and Japanese lifestyle all in four short days.

Day One Pictures (Friday):

Day Two Pictures (Saturday):

Day Four Pictures (Monday):

Personal Remarks by Ren: Anime Expo was probably one of the AWESOMEST things I've EVER gone to! I was able to go for 3 days and it was fantastic! A definite otaku paradise, with all sorts of merchandise from shirts to plushies to handbags! It was pretty crowded, especially on the second day, but it was super empty on the fourth day! There was a TON of cosplayers, and I took a lot of pictures so I suggest bringing a camera/phone with a lot of empty space. Also, I suggest taking a look at Artist Alley (located at the back of the exhibit hall), as the items available there are beautifully crafted and wonderful to look at! Overall, I probably spent around $100 on Anime products and posters from Artist Alley. If you plan on attending, I have some words of advice. First, ARRIVE EARLY. Traffic is INSANE and parking is hard to find (any good spots are either taken or expensive), and as soon as you get inside the convention center, the place is full of people posing for pictures and waiting around for the gates to open. Second, bring a ton of money. There's a lot to buy and it's rather expensive...and here's a tip- on day 4, vendors want to get rid of their stuff, and you can haggle for a lower price (but don't be too annoying or ask for too low a price, they won't sell it to you). Remember to have fun (and don't get lost!) I look forward to maybe seeing some of you there next year :D

Personal Remarks by Lynn: I was really sad that I could only go for two days (even though I had a four day ticket!) This was the first anime convention that I attended and it was just so amazing. My favorite part of Anime Expo was the cosplay. It was so exciting to see fellow cosplayers left and right. However, the most enjoyable moment was when someone would ask Ren and me for a picture. I felt really appreciated, especially when someone chased us down from the third floor to get a picture with us. I spent most of my time at the Exhibit Hall. In total, I spent about $214 on my loot:

I highly recommend that attendees for Anime Expo 2013 purchase their tickets as early as possible (I already bought my AX’13 tickets). Ren and I bought our four day tickets for $55 on Christmas. Compare that to the on-site price which was $75.

I also recommend that attendees who will cosplay bring extra hairclips, hair ties, duct tape, and/or a sewing kit. It was a total pain when my Serah wig started slipping off, when the disc for my Serah cosplay fell off, and when my legwarmers for my Rin cosplay ripped.
Overall, Anime Expo 2012 was definitely the greatest time of my life. As Ren said, prices harshly drop on Day 4. Swords that costed $35 on Day 1 only cost $20 on Day 4, and plushes that costed $45 on Day 1 only cost $15 on Day 4.
I also apologize for the poor quality for some of the pictures. I was in such a rush to see everything that a lot of the photos are blurry. Goumen!

*Please feel free to contact us if you do not want your photo shown on this site. Overall, we would like to thank all of the outstanding cosplayers from AX that allowed us to take a picture with them.
*Comment and tell us which cosplay you thought was the best in each day :D